The road to CRNA -- great posts by kmchugh

  1. I'm only a student in an ADN program right now, so there isn't much advice I can give to anyone on the path to becoming a CRNA. But over the last week I have scanned through all 63 pages of threads from this board, and I know a lot more now than I did when I started. A lot of what I learned came from Kevin McHugh in the posts that follow. I wanted to take an opportunity to publicly thank him here for being so open with his experience and advice, and give these old threads a bump so the other new folks who DON'T have all summer to kill like I do can read them.

    Chris C.

    Becoming a CRNA - From One Who Did It:

    For Potential CRNA's Who Are Married or Have Significant Others:

    If You Have Been Accepted to CRNA School:

    Job Hunting - Some Things to Look For:
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