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I have an interview with Texas Wesleyan in December. I hear their interview process is very rigorous ( I imagine most schools are). Has anyone interviewed there this year? If so, how was it? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   arkgolfer
    I too got the ABG question, no cranial nerves though. It seemed they tailored their questions to my experience. I had a few years a cath lab experience, so I went through AMI questions, coronary artery anatomy, and 12 lead interpretation, also IABP setup and operations. Lots of swan questions too!
  2. by   apaphoenix
    Hey all you guys,

    Sounds like the interwiews went okay. Not many of my peers felt like a million bucks after the interviews either, but we always think the worst. I bet y'all did fine though. You may not have to wait all the way until April for an answer. Continue to interview with other schools in the mean time and chances are you'll get an acceptance letter from somewhere else first. If you would prefer to attend Wesleyan, simply call them and tell them you got accepted somewhere else. They are aware that most schools only allow a small window of time for a position to be accepted or rejected (many even require a security deposit). They may speed up the process if they want you. This is what I had to do.


    Keep us posted on the results!!
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