1. Anyone still waiting to here from TCU? I know they are still in the process of establishing clinical sites. I am one of those who are waiting to here from the second round of admissions and am getting really anxious. I am also wondering do I go ahead and start the process of applying for Fincial Aid even though I have not been accepted yet?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    You can fill out your FAFSA on the web and designate multiple schools to receive it. This will save you one step when you are accepted, the school will already have everything they need to get your financial aid packet together.
  4. by   fence
    Thanks for the info. It's greatly appreciated.
  5. by   aphippen
    Were you accepted into TCU for the fall?
  6. by   fence
    I was on the alternate list with the condition that I obtain my CCRN. Well, I did not pass the CCRN. I can give about a million reasons why but the truth is I didn't prepare appropriatley and shot myself in the a.. hmmm ...foot. However I will be retesting for the CCRN soon and will be reactivating my application for next year. This time I am taking my time and hitting the books. TCU is my first choice school. Dr. Keen-Payne (the dean of nursing) and Kay Sanders (director of the CRNA program) were both very helpfull and encouraging. It is going to be a great program with lots of flexiblility.
  7. by   glascow
    I am not going to TCU, but several of my friends I work with will be leaving to go there next month. Between TCU and Wesling(spelling?), we'll be loosing 7 RNs from our ICU. (ouch!)
    Good luck to all of you!