1. Can anyone enlighten us on TCU? Specifically, they require the MAT as an this easier than the GRE?

    Does anyone know where there distance affiliations are? Can one be created, for example?

    How many do they accept? What is the general ambience of the school, especially as compared to Wesleyan?


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  3. by   loisane

    I cannnot speak about specific schools, but I have some general knowledge/opinions.

    The Miller analogy test is way easier than the GRE. There was a thread on this recently, and this opinion was shared by many others.

    Schools have to meet certain criteria to have a clinical affiliation. I doubt very much that one could be individually created for a student. None of the schools I am aware of would be interested in such a task. Having said that, who knows, there might be a program out there willing to do such a thing.

    Hopefully, others with more specific knowledge will have you some more answers.

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  4. by   Brenna's Dad
    I wrote both the MAT and the GRE and I found both difficult. The MAT was definelty an unique test, which you will discover when you begin to study for it. Since I only had a week to study for it, I used a small paperback book entitled "Cracking the MAT," or some such nonsense. It was very helpful in increasing my score by 10-20 points.

    The beauty of the MAT, is that it is over in 60 minutes and then you get to go away crying about how poorly you did, how you didn't have time to answer all the questions, how stupid a test it was and then drown your sorrows in several pints of beer.

    I can't say which is easier. I think overall, I liked the MAT.