Taste of the first month in front loaded school

  1. My program started a little more than a month ago. first 1 and half weeks was like a getting know each other people wise, taking classes. after that, work load and amount of study in human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and physics and chemistry r/t anesthesia been drowing me til today after three big exams during last a few weeks. I feel like I been through a BIG jungle for digesting all these info. I am also taking a research class.
    Before I started school, I guessed the school would be demanding and very tough but I did not feel it literally at the time. After one and half month, most of time I studied more than 10 hours a day, sometimes I lived in the library from the moring to the close time. I passed majot huddles so far I am survived . But thinking about next 27 months ? gosh, there was no way I could finish the study just a few days before the big test, I had to digest a lillte by little everyday, still a lot of works to do.
    for the CRNAs or soon to be graduate, I respect your guys. Now I can understand a little bit about the nature of this CRNA school. just my ventilation. I am so tired. got to go to bed. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   SueBee RN-BSN
    Are you in a study group? That may help. I've been told it's like what you described, and I've been told it gets easier with time.

    Hang in there!!!!
  4. by   Outdoor1
    It will get easier with time for you to manage things. You are going through what we all went through our first months of school. Nothing can really prepare you for it. Just keep at it. Good luck and keep it up.