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Hoping all current or future students can help. For an upcoming project, I need to know how the tution costs compare for CRNA programs across the US. Could you please tell me: 1. The amount... Read More

  1. by   Businessman
    Some PA schools:
    Allegheny Valley Hospital School of Anesthesia
    Total cost: $34,150 (including clinical fee of $10,000) 24 months

    Westmoreland-Latrobe School of anesthesia
    Total cost: $33,100 (including clinical fee of $7,000) 28 months

    Hamot School of Anesthesia
    Total cost: approx. $35,000 28 months

    OH schools:
    St. Elizabeth Center
    total cost: $25,000 (in-state tuition)
    $36,000 (out-of-state) 24 months

    If I were you, I would look at the length of the program, too.
    The time you are not in school should be considered earnings gained...

    Good luck
  2. by   louloubell1
    I'll be attending the anesthesia program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in the fall. Tuition is about $134/ per credit hour for in state, $260/credit hour for out of state. Various student fees add up to about $250 per semester, and clinical fees which apply to 5 of the 7 semesters for the program are $4600/semester. Grand total for the 67 credit hours to complete the program at in state rates = 34,139.60. Those figures don't include anything but tuition and fees, so the rest (books, travel & lodging for out of town clinicals, yada-yada) add thousands I'm sure.
  3. by   jewelcutt
    Oakland University
    55 credits over 28 months
    $310 per credit hour plus fees and books

    Other schools in Michigan:

    University of Detroit Michigan
    63 credits
    $27,125 for entire 27 month program

    University of Michigan-Flint
    60 credits over 24 months
    unsure about cost

    Wayne State University
    24 month program
    unsure of credits