Suggestions on preparing for NA school?

  1. Could any SRNA's suggest any good reading for preparation for starting nurse anesthesia school. Are there any books, that would help to read before starting the first semester of school. Review of Chem?, A & P ?, ect???????????

    SRNA in August :roll
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  3. by   Passin' Gas
    Congratulations!! If it has been a few years since you had chemistry, a chemistry course from a junior college would make your life easier. Other than that, enjoy life as you know it now, spend time with family and friends. Your time with them once in school will be limited.

    Where are you going to school in August?
  4. by   TexasCRNA
    Thats true about resting up till school starts but most are type As and can't wait before school starts and I know you will not just sit by till school starts so...

    Go buy yourself the book Clinical Anesthesia by Morgan and Mikhail and start reading. Pay attention to the early chapters, like drugs, gases and the basics. This ought to get you started!!

    The other things you could do is start reviewing your anatomy. Especially the stuctures in the larynx, neck, etc... If you still want to do more, read up on your lung, liver, kidney, cardiac physiology.

    That should keep you busy over the summer.

  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    I would relax and enjoy life. Life tends to get a little more complex after you start school. But for me at least, the schedule is much better than the 12 hour night shifts I am accustomed to working.
  6. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    I bought the book "Clinical Anesthesiology" by Morgan and Mikhail. So far, it's been very interesting and full of info. It's not too hard to understand either. I also subscribed to the AANA Journal. I found both the book and the journal at Good luck!!
  7. by   lml33
    Thanks for the input on the book. I'll be working on my masters courses from now through summer. I'll be plunging into the nursing anesthesia program in January. I'll have some time in August to read. Thanks. Leslie.
  8. by   OKIE-DOKIE
    Congratulations, Leslie, on getting in! I'm so happy for you!

  9. by   yoga crna
    I am probably the wrong person to reply to this question, since I am allready a CRNA and went to school years ago when all you had to do is be an RN. I had less than 6 months experience on a med-surg unit and then on the anesthesia school.

    However, I do have some thoughts on what makes a good anesthetist and could be useful in qualifying for acceptance into a program. If you have the opportunity to work as a nursing assistant while in your nursing education program, do it. Contrary to what the anesthesia educators are saying, I would recommend you try to get a job working in a hospital operating room. Even if it is cleaning the instruments, transporting patients or assisting the nurses with patient care activities. Most RNs go into anesthesia school without having spent any (or much) time in the operating room. They are clueless about the politics of the operating room, environmental issues, and how different it is to care for patients in surgery. Also, it will do you good to get to know what surgery is all about and to get to know the surgeons and anesthetists.

    You can get your critical care experience later, but I think you will find it very useful to have some good OR experienc.

    I would be interested in hearing some other opinions on this.
  10. by   nursebucky
    Yoga, interesting point. Are you saying get experience as a Surgi-Tech and also work in the ICU or maybe surgery when done with Nursing school?

    I am researching this area and am a student nurse.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. by   u-r-sleeepy
    YogaCRNA - interesting comment -

    I worked in the OR as an RN years before I went on to the ICU & then CRNA school. I would agree it would be helpful for people to get a "feel" for what the OR is like and may help them further decide if this is the kind of environment they might flourish in. Don't get me wrong - I don't think it's "necessary" or anything, but it is a great introduction.

    I suppose I'm still "bugged" whenever I hear of an SRNA who bails out of school for ANY reason! (from an old post of mine... sorry folks) I think it is a good idea for anyone seriously considering CRNA school to really have investigated this career path so that once you are in school - you are sure to finish the program. I want to see every solid candidate who is accepted finish the program. The A$A pushing for their AAs based on our "shortage of CRNAs coming out of schools" is really getting on my nerves. I know - belongs in another topic.


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