Stethescope preference

  1. I am having to purchase a new stethescope since mine grew legs and disappeared after almost 10 years of service.

    Now that I will be starting CRNA school in a few weeks, I was wondering if any of you already CRNA's have a preference on what type to buy. My old one was a Littman Cardiology II and I really liked it. *sigh*

    Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  3. by   WntrMute2
    You'll need a precordial stethescope once in clinicals. The schools usually help you get that as it needs to be fitted to your ear. You'll also need another regular scope for pre-op, checking breath sounds etc. Just a regular one is OK, most people don't go crazy on it.
  4. by   TexasCRNA
    get an el'cheap-o.. I used one of the freebies from OB for the whole two years and the great thing about it was I could pull off the end and attach it to the OE and listen to lung and heart. No big deal if you lose it!!
  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    I lost my stethoscope during the move to go to school and purchased a cardiology 3 from an online store. I have yet to use it though. It's just too darn nice to take out of the box.

    We've been fitted for a precordial stethoscope which is the standard of care in the practice. Everyone elses comments are valid. Since you have your precordial, you don't really need a great stethoscope for routine preop auscultation.