Stats (math) in the last 5 years for CRNA Program?

  1. Is it a typical requirement to have taken Statistics in the last 5 years for CRNA programs? I think I may need to take Stats again to fill this requirement. I will check with the individual schools...but I thought someone on here might have some general information on the subject.

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  3. by   MICU RN
    Speaking of stats, I just got home from class (1-4pm once a week). It is a graduate level course which is required as a prereq. at the school I am applying to. Whether you have to have taken it in the last five years, I am not sure. It is a labor intensive class, but my instructor is good and the book is very readable, so I can't complain. As opposed to the the undergrad stats class I took where the instructor was not good and he did not even use a text book, it was lecture driven. Well good luck and I hope that this may help you.