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  1. I discovered this forum last night. I was so into it that I was on until 3am. I am estatic to have been accepted into Hahnemann's CRNA program. It's an honor to join the bunch of CRNAs in America. I'm learning from all of you. I'm taking the online classes to lower my workload when I begin full time in 2004. I am employed in a medical ICU in the suburbs of Philly. I love it. I can't wait to start. I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. Are there any other prospective Hahnemann students out there?:roll
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Lml, tell me all about it!! I'm at Drexel's (Hahnemann's) accelerated BSN program now and I really want to go to their CRNA program in about 3 years. What was your interview like? How far in advance did you apply? How many years of ICU experience do you have? Details, details!! Oh, BTW, CONGRATS!!
  4. by   lml33
    I applied in November 2002. My interview was June 26th (geez, I can still remember the date and time). I found out that I was accepted in August. It's a long waiting period. I have been a staff RN in a medical ICU since the summer of 1999. We have many patients who are intubated and ventilated, swanned, and have arterial lines. We do our own ABGs. I have also cared for patients on vasoactive gtts. I've had some patients on Propofol (Diprivan) gtts. I have also had the opportunity to hang and titrate paralytics. I absolutely love it! I work at Mercy Fitzgerald. Want a job! There's some positions available. ICU is not difficult if you really love what you're doing. I think that Drexel requires 2 years of ICU experience. I was recently at the school. I had to get PALS certified. I've never worked with peds, but the PALS class was a lot of fun! So, you also need PALS ans ACLS certification. Also, have you taken the GRE? That was a long and grueling test! I'm not very great at sitting still for a long period of time, so there were ants in my pants. I think it was about four hours. Anyway, concentrate on the verbal. I heard that's the part that they really look at. Another word of advice, if you're a very busy person, buy a GRE prep book that's small enough to place in a large purse. I've got two kids. I had times where that book was very useful. I've even glanced at a few vocab words while waiting at traffic lights. It also helps to have a computer program for GRE preparation (they usually come with the book). Good luck! I know that the program won't be a walk in the park, but I believe that determination and dedication will get you where you want to be. Leslie.
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Leslie, thanks for the advice! I took the GRE about 2 years ago (I was considering PA school but decided on nursing). I did really well on the verbal but totally bombed the math so I'm going to retake it. Do you have your CCRN? Also, do you know how many people applied vs. got accepted? I'm doing very, very well in my accelerated BSN program but I kinda messed up in my first degree. I was a Bio major (Ursinus College), and I got a D+ in O-chem and my overall GPA was only a 2.85. Hopefully this won't hurt me when I go to apply because I am doing so well now, maybe I can retake some Chem classes that I did poorly in. Do you think schools prefer a specific ICU-- for example Medical vs. Surgical or CCU? I haven't started looking at jobs yet but I'll keep Mercy Fitzgerald in mind!
  6. by   lml33
    As long as you got over a 450 in the verbal, don't sweat it. I heard that the programs do not really look at the other scores. As far as your grades. My story is exactly like yours! I had an overall GPA of 2.8 prior to the BSN program. I graduated from the BSN program with a 3.58 GPA. When you go for your interview, you really need to make it known that you are dying to get into the program. You need to let them know how you will be financially prepared for the program. Try to get a job in an ICU at Hahnemann. Otherwise, find an ICU somewhere else. That experience is a must. You need to understand Swan-Ganz catheters and hemodynamics. Become familiar with ventilators. Understand all the terminology: tidal volume, minute volume, vital capacity, assist controlled, intermittent manditory ventilation, positive end expiratory pressure, continuous positive airway pressure, and when they are indicated. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but don't ask those who think they know everything, but really don't. They'll give you wrong answers. Also, follow a CRNA for the day. If you don't know anyone, then find out how to get in tough with one. They would be glad to help you. It will also look good for your interview. They want you to be sure about what you're getting into. Any other questions......shoot! P.S. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I'm concentrating on those As in my classes. Leslie.
  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    Leslie, thanks so much for the advice! I'm in the process of doing my job search now although I haven't made any decisions yet. Good luck in your classes!
  8. by   Erinkate2959
    Thanks so much for all of your information. I am graduating with my BSN in 4weeks!! I am very interested in pursuing a career in nurse anesthesia. I am looking into both Drexel and Villanova. I start working in June on an intermediate critical care tele unit, too chicken to start right off in the units. Did you look at any other schools in the area? The program I am in allowed us to take a few masters classes while still in undergrad, do you know anything about transferring credits? Thanks again and Congratulations!!
  9. by   lml33
    All of my credits from the University of Delaware were transferred to Drexel without a problem. Go for the unit position. I started out at a nursing home for a few months and then jumped into critical care. Most institutions offer 6 weeks training. That should be plenty of time. I usually is for most people. Also, frequent attendance at critical care classes will be an added bonus. Get your hands on all the education that you can. Make your manager aware that you're more than willing to learn. Gotta go, I'm working on a budget for a health promotion project. Congrats! P.S. you may run into those nurses who say, "Nursing anesthesia school is so hard. How are you gonna do it?" Don't pay any attention to these people. They are only jealous. Remember, its not necessarily the intelligence, but its that innate drive, passion, motivation, and determination that will get you far. Remember these qualities. Also, persistence isn't a bad quailty to have either. Leslie.
  10. by   TraumaNurse
    I am also in the process of applying to Drexel and a couple of other Philly schools. My question is about places to live in the area. I am not familiar with Philly and am not sure what areas would be good places to raise young children? I am more interested in the burbs and not city living. Can you suggest areas to start my search? Thanks.
  11. by   EmeraldNYL
    TraumaNurse, try Abington or Jenkintown to the north, or Springfield, Media, Drexel Hill, or Havertown to the south-- all are nice burbs without the insane housing costs of the Main Line.
  12. by   lml33
    I live in a row home in the Drexel Hill area. I went this route purposely, planning for my nursing anesthesia program. Drexel Hill has the best public middle school in the country. The elementaty schools also have high ratings. The high school is Upper Darby. It has high ratings also. But I have my reservations about that school. It is such a large school, that I'm afraid that some students may fall through the cracks of learning and discipline. The Catholic high schools in the area are good. Anyway, living in a safe row home community has led me to close relationships with my neighbors. There are plenty of kids in the area looking to babysit. So, this will be helpful whenever you are stuck for a sitter. Drexel Hill is only about 15 minutes away from Drexel (without traffic and if you're a speed demon like myself). Sometimes I think I may be Mario Andretti's distant cousin. LOL! Gotta get back to this health promotion budget for school....Just procrastinating. Leslie.
  13. by   athomas91
    lml33 - i should have recognized - i am alt33 - also starting 2004 at hahnemann/drexel..... are you as nervous as i am....
    i applied oct 2001 - interviewed march 2002- accepted june 2002 but the 2003 class was full - and here i am.....waiting/anticipating january...
    have you spoke to the financial aid office yet - i am going up this wk - hopefully i will hear things i like - i really don't need additional stress of fighting for loans.
  14. by   lml33
    Let me know how everything goes. I have been calling the financial aid department frequently. They are not much help. They have my FAFSA info. They said that I should wait until November to send my sallie mae loan request. A friend of mine is in the PA program. She says that we have to stay on top of the financial aid department. There have been some screw ups. Try to get rid of any credit card debt. The financial aid department will not help out with this.
    Have you taken any classes during the wait? I have taken Health Policy, Health Promotion, Research and Theory I, and Advanced Physiology. On September 3rd, I will begin Advanced Pharmacology and Research and Theory II to get them out of the way.

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