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I discovered this forum last night. I was so into it that I was on until 3am. I am estatic to have been accepted into Hahnemann's CRNA program. It's an honor to join the bunch of CRNAs in America.... Read More

  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    Drexel's financial aid dept. sucks monkey nuts. Don't call them, actually go in to visit them otherwise you will not get any help!
  2. by   classicaldreams

    I've been studying anesthesia programs in the philly area and have gotten the impression that none will allow part-time status because of the residency requirements. Since you have taken courses prior to starting the program, will you be a full-time student in September? Completing graduate credits prior to official enrollment help your course load just in the first semester or two?

    LaSalle and Drexel will allow a RN-MSN bridge student to take 15 graduate credits as an undergrad. These credits apply toward the BSN and the MSN. I haven't checked with Temple or St. Joe's yet.

    And if you don't mind, please tell me which campus you've been attending.

    Thanks and the best of luck!
  3. by   lml33
    I have been taking classes at Drexel. I have been working. Starting in January, I will not work because of the commitment to the anesthesia program. I have also signed on with Progressive agency staffing so I may also work during breaks, etc.

    As for the financial aid, when do you guys think I should go up there? What is the deal with them? Wouldn't you think that the program directors would be perturbed with the deliquency of the financial aid department? My husband is an auto mechanic, and I have two children with a mortgage to pay amongst other bills. Some people cannot afford to get screwed with this financial aid stuff. Lend me some advice. Thanks.
  4. by   EmeraldNYL
    The program directors for my BSN program had no clue about any financial aid stuff-- it was especially confusing since the university operates on semesters and my program was 4 quarters long. And then to make it even more confusing my loans were disbursed in thirds so one quarter I did not get a disbursement. Hopefully things are easier with the anesthesia program in regard to financial aid. If you are worried about money and how you are going to get enough loans, I would go in and talk to them ASAP. I know there are some threads on this forum about financial aid, it may help to browse them because they will probably be way more helpful then the financial aid people at Drexel. Good luck.
  5. by   classicaldreams
    Speaking of Hahnemann, did any of you read the news article about Tenet's financial status and the rumors that it will sell its share of the Philadelphia market? I don't believe Hahnemann was mentioned, per se, just two smaller hospitals. (Elkins Park and another one.) But financial analysts are predicting that Tenet will sooner or later be forced to bail out of the Philadelphia market.

    Any thoughts on Tenet's poor financial status and how it will/will not contribute to your residency?
  6. by   EmeraldNYL
    I'm not in the anesthesia program, just in the accelerated BSN, but we did several clinicals at Hahnemann and I actually think its a very nice hospital. I would have worked there after graduation if it was not for their shaky financial status. We have had a few problems though. The building where our classes are held is owned by Tenet, and definitely needs some renovations. Tenet doesn't want to pay for the renovations, and Drexel won't put money into a building that they don't own. So we put up with either freezing or roasting to death, escalators that don't work, and dingy bathrooms. I feel that for the most part the quality of my education has been good though.
  7. by   athomas91
    lml33 - i spoke to program director today - he was notifying one of the people he "knows" and letting them know i was coming up tomorrow - he personally told me that the majority of the financial aid department was useless.... have you had your clinical interview yet?? i am scheduled for the 2nd at christiana - but i am doing it via conference call because i am gone the next 2 wks.

    i have taken adv. pharm, adv. patho, heath policy and starting next wk health promotion.... how were the research courses?!?
    i was planning on working - but after reading all the threads on this site - it may allow me to keep my sanity and just pay back more money later!! i guess i will just do stafford and then perhaps a citibank personal educational loan...