Should I start a bonfire?

  1. I have just recently moved to start anesthesia school (in a month or so) and am basically wondering what I should do with the hoard of nursing texts and articles I have aquired on my journey through nursing education.

    Can I burn all this stuff? Or might some articles and texts be useful? Or do you research exclusively from CRNA and Anesthesiology journals?

    I would love to have a bonfire in the backyard and burn some touchy feely nursing stuff. LOL.

    Also, I have received a booklist and did a quick search on Amazon and to my amazement found that the books were sold for either the same price or much cheaper at the University bookstore. Is this normal these days or is it just a quirk or my school? Any cheap textbook sites I am overlooking?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   blazeboy97
    I still have all my old nursing books and articles but haven't used them and probably won't. The articles that are required, at least for my program, tend to be on a higher level and more to do with anesthesia or medicine than nursing.

    As for textbooks, it could be your school bookstore. You can try site allows you to plug in all your books and provides you with a table of comparison prices (new and used) at different places. I find most of mine the cheapest at books-a- million ( or barnes & nobles. Both usually have free shipping and because ordering online, usually no sales tax.

    good luck!!
  4. by   WntrMute2
    Keep your critical care texts, drug guides, texts regarding lab analysis, and ones concerning chilhood defects. I do occasionally need one of my old texts but infrequently. was good for my books.
  5. by   ctbsurf
    one stop shoppin at, enter the ISBN number of the books you are searching for and it pulls up comparison list of 4-5 major online sources (amazon, Barnes n noble,,, & then follow the directions from there on purchasing. i just bought most of the books i needed last week going this route. some used some new, $1050 worth of book for about $850. i recieved two books last night at my door step, dorsch-understanding anesthesia equip( new $129 paid $84)and denninston-gen, organic, biochem book( new $116 paid $66). both used but in near brand new cond.

    hope this helps
  6. by   TexasCRNA
    BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!
    Time to move on up and get rid of that touchy feelie crap!! Don't worry, you will accumulate so much stuff from anes school (worthy material) that you will never look back. Can you tell I am getting burned out.( no pun) Thank god the semester is done.

  7. by   Brenna's Dad
    Alright, thanks for the help guys. Just researched via and brought my textbook price down by over hundred.

    As for the nursing stuff, I'm going to follow Gowkout's advice and start a barbeque.

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