Should I drop the Certification?

  1. Hi all,
    I am almost done with my ADN (few months, and will be working in a Large CSICU) and have all of my gen ed for my BSN done. I have alot of experience as a critical care paramedic and have my National Registry Certification. My Paramedic certification will be running out next year and I am just wondering if it would be in my best interest to keep it as far as adding another certification when applying for school. I stepped out of my current position working in the Medic unit and will be working in an ER to expose myself to more things than I would see in the streets or transfering ICU patients. I just need the "experts" advice on this as keeping it means I have to cram 72hrs of Con Ed in the next 6 mos. I just want to make sure it is worth my time.

    Thanks all!
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  3. by   London88
    I think it is good that you have had the exposure, but when it comes down to getting into a program wether or not you have the certificate is not going to make a difference. Certificates such as CCRN can make a difference depending on your GPA. The school I am going to attend specifically state that ER experience is only accepted if gained in a trauma center. Make sure you check the requirements of the school where you plan to apply.
  4. by   arkgolfer
    I was a Nationally Registered Paramedic for about 10 years and let mine drop in '98, had been an RN since '94. One month after I dropped my cert, I was offered a filght paramedic position, which I had to decline. Bummed me out for a while. I now wish I would have kept mine, mainly for sentimental reasons, not a desire to work out on the street. I agree it is very hard to keep up with the con ed while not working in the field. After interviewing and being accepted at TWU, I don't know that the paramedic experience helped with the admission process, but I feel it helped me personally. I learned to not go on to much about that experience after an MDA told me there was more to anesthesia than just intubating! Humbling, yet eye opening.
  5. by   dwoodruff
    If it is not too much trouble, I would recommend keeping the Paramedic Certification. It won't help you get into school, but it leaves doors open to other job opportunities (ie. flight nursing, critical care transport, monitor tech, etc)

    I let mine lapse, and regretted it when a flight nurse position became available.

    Good luck,
    David Woodruff, MSN, RN, CNS, CCRN
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  6. by   Athlein
    Arkgolfer and dwoodruff have it right on...
    Life plans change all the time. You just never know what lies ahead. It's a hokey cliche, but it is so true!
    Put in the hours and keep that certification current.
    Best of luck!
  7. by   CCL"Babe"
    I let mine lapse and have regretted it ever since. There have been opportunities that I could not take advantage of with out the cert.
  8. by   Pete495
    Definitely KEEP IT. You never know when an opportunity will knock on your door, and you will need it. Plus, I imagine you spent a lot of time educating yourself to attain your paramedic certification. Don't let all that hard work go to waste.
  9. by   VaMedic
    Thanks for all the replies. Yep it was 2 years of Comm. College. I just found a new company here that does a Paramedic recert for only 375.00 for all 72hrs and can be done in a week. Think I am going to take a few days off later this year and attend.