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    I have posted some things on this board before under a different username. I changed it because it was my real name. Anyway I have been an RN for 14 yrs. Nine in a SICU and the last five as a flight nurse with a hospital based program. I'm interested in nurse anesthesia. My brother is a CRNA and I have watched and learned alot of things from him over the past 7 years. I have an ADN and I'm in school finishing my BSN. Because of my years of expirence the SON or one of the facullty has let me do a 3 credit elective shadowing a CRNA. They have given me some objevtives and course assignments but alot of the learning will have do be done on my own. It will be at the hospital where my brother works so I think the staff will be receptive to me. I think I will be doing 24-36 clinical hours with them. My question to all you SRNA's and CRNA's out there. What things should I do to prepare? What book shoould I read? What kind of questions should I ask. Thanks, Montegue
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  3. by   AL bug

    I don't know exactly what your assignment includes, but here are some of the things I would do for a self-directed class. You can visit the AANA website and write an informative paper/presentation if possible, explaining the job of the CRNA. If you have to go into detail about specifics, airway is probably number 1. You can also explain some of the political issues, such as physician supervision/direction eg ologist vs surgeon vs no physician.

    As far as your actual shadowing experience, just take in the experience. Watch how the CRNA manages the airway, makes decisions, takes control of situations, etc. It can be very overwhelming, but very fun and gratifying.

    Hope this helps...ask more specific questions if you need more help with the assignment. I had to do several self-directed assignments in my BSN program.
  4. by   yoga crna
    What a wonderful idea. I like "Bug's" suggestions and would add a few things. I think anesthesia is the art of applied pharmacology, so in that vein (no pun intended), I would study the pharmacology of several anesthesia and non-anesthesia drugs, such as narcotics, benzodiazepines, and cardiovascular agents.

    Let us know how you do.
  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    I just started school last week and am realizing very quickly that Pharm is probably going to be the most demanding course. It's evil. My original nursing education included about 1% of what I have already learned this week about Pharmacology.