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I am a new nurse about six months out currently working in the ER. I enjoy nursing but just feel I want to increase my scope of practice. I have entertained the idea of crna school since med/surg. ... Read More

  1. by   berry
    Thanks for all the info interesting about peds/nicu pass rates. I wonder if they are skewed due to a lower number of applicants entering and most doing well. I am looking at really 3 schools but desire UAB way more than the others and they dont take count ER exp. Loisane you are correct about me wanting to know which unit would prepare me the best.
  2. by   arkgolfer

    I meant to put SRNA attrition. The article is from a study looking into vulnerable time periods for attrition during nurse anesthesia education. It talks about different motivators during the education process, like econonmic rewards early in the education,compared to more focus on practice issues and value of critical thinking closer to graduation. It outlines time frames during the education process that are critical times for attrition, like at the start of clinicals when the stress level gets higher. Very interesting reading.