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  1. Any of you CRNA's out there know what the average malpractice insurance is annually these days? I know the CRNA's working staff at the hospitals here in California are covered at work. I heard that the insurance companies are asking for a minimum of 3-4 years of experience in a hospital before they will cover you as an independent contractor (ie outpatient clinics). If any of you are doing independent many years experience did you have before you jumped on your own?
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  3. by   gaspassah
    a friend of mine pays about 6k a year for independant contracting working in ob
  4. by   catcolalex
    I am not a CRNA, in fact, i think your in my class this fall at Kaiser? anyway, here in utah, I have heard from 4k to 6k annually and i assume it is about that anywhere else, also that outside the aana it is difficult to obtain malpractice insurance. here in utah, you cannot get malpractice insurance for office based anesthesia ie. plastics offices, until at least 4 years of hospital or surgery center experience.
    so the breast augs will have to wait.
  5. by   geecue
    who wants to work in Utah anyways?? j/k

    my buddy in hawaii is working on his own after just one year experience....but that was 3 years ago. Thanks for the PMs for those of you practicing already....I think I got the 'gist' now.

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