Question about ICU shifts and school

  1. I have a question about ICU work. For those of you that worked in ICU and finished your degree at the same time; what hours or shifts did you work? Is there a specific requirement for NA school? I will be finishing my degree and working as an RN in ICU. I'm wondering how some of you did it.

    I'm already aware of the fact that I need at least 1 year's experience in an ICU/critical care environment. Did any of you work part time and/or was that acceptable?

    I am anal about planning ahead thus I'm planning my school schedule as efficiently as possible. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I continue to come to this forum for guidance. Thank you so much!

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  3. by   gaspassah
    well, i did a adrn to bsn online program through the university of south alabama. it was short and sweet, i actually learned some things. got to do a 120 hour clinical in anesthesia where i work. i worked 90 percent nights. allows for alot of study time. we were able to bring laptops to work for paper writing etc. few white coats unless there was a problem, so you couldnt do homework anyway. crna program i have been accepted to does not have parttime work. it's actually more than fulltime.
    hope this helps.