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  1. Hello! I'm in need of some advice. I have been an RN for approx. 1 yr, have returned to school for my BSN, and will be a senior this fall. I am also transfering to the CCD this week, so that I may have the minimum required experience for entrance into a nurse anesthetist program in the fall of 2002. My GPA being 3.2 (due to a poor start years ago), and without extensive experience, do I have a shot at being accepted anywhere? I have researched many schools, and it appears that I will meet all of the admissions requirements for quite a few, but is that misleading? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    The grades are a little worrysome. However I think if your GRE scores are good, your experience is great, your letters of reccomendations are enthusiastic, your admission essays communicate what your potential is, and you interview well - you can get in somewhere. The admissions process is VERY competitive. Everybody will have met or exceeded the requirements so be prepared to keep working on the experience aspect. Apply to a number of schools as they get a varying # of applicants. Some as few as 50 for 10 slots, some as many as hundreds for a similar # of spots. Good luck!