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  1. does any know where i could find some information on starting a private or counsulting crna practice. thanks for your time in reading this post in advance
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  3. by   loisane
    Yoga is an independent CRNA, hopefully you will get a response from yoga.

    I have always been an employee. Even when I free lance, with no full time comittment, I was paid as a per diem employee.

    As I am sure you know, there are alot of CRNAs who are independent contractors, and some that own their own groups.

    If you are already a SRNA, check out You can submit an application to join that bulletin board. It is open to all CRNAs and SRNAs, but there is a heavy representation of independents.

    There is also a yahoo group, CRNA biz. I don't know much about it, I am sure it is not as active as oldgaspassers. But I think it was set up to address these sorts of issues.

    loisane crna
  4. by   yoga crna
    Like most of us in private practice, I learned the hard way, hit or miss. I made a lot of mistakes, particularly in underestimating the competition and the loyalty of surgeons. It was disconcerting to see how other CRNA undercut my fees and misrepresented themselves.

    Back to your question, look for some meetings where speakers discuss private practice or related topics. As an example there are a group of CRNA who specialize in pain management who are doing a workshop. While many of their topics are clinical in nature, some also address the logistics of setting up a pain service, reimbursement, etc. I understand that it is an outstanding workshop.

    You may also want to check out the book, The Business of Anesthesia, which is available from AANA.

    After you have a good working knowledge, I would advise you to get a very good accountant who can help you set up your books and keep on the good side ot the IRS. You will also need to contract with someone who knows anesthesia billing, if that is an option for you. I personally use a billing service that not only bills insurance companies and Medicare on my behalf, but also assists with managed care and PPO contracts.

    Be prepared for the many roadblocks that will be there, including my favorite two sayings. (1) When they say it is not about money, it is and (2) There is a perception that nurses are not businesspeople.

    Good Luck.