Possible new ansethisiology residency, FYI

  1. Hi all,
    I just found this out and just thought I would pass this on to anyone whom may be looking into going to Old Dom. U. School of Nurse Anesth. in the next few years. Something to keep an eye on as alot of people I have talked to say stay away from programs that compete with Docs. This came directly from an internal memo from the CEO of Sentara.

    I]Much has been reported in the media about Sentara not wanting to invest the dollars to resolve the trauma issue. We want you to know that we are committing significant dollars to a system-wide recruitment plan to alleviate the shortage of doctors in a number of specialties. Additionally, we are pursuing the possibility of developing orthopedic, anesthesiology, and neurosurgery residency training programs with Eastern Virginia Medical School. Our investment in these efforts will hopefully provide long-term solutions to the shortage of physicians we are experiencing in the community and trauma services.[/I]

    This was in response to Sentara downgrading Virginia Beach Hospital ER from Trauma II to Trauma III. Big media Who Haa here. All about the Doc shortage.
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