Physics as pre-req for CRNA school

  1. I have noticed that a couple of schools in my area require physics to be accepted into their CRNA program. I have never taken physics and am kind of scared of it. My school offers Conceptual physics (which is just the basics of physics) and I am considering taking that as the physics requirement. Do you think this will be okay?
    I know I keep starting threads about classes to take during my pre-reqs but I am really interested in becoming a CRNA and want to get all of these classes out of the way while I'm still doing my pre-reqs for nursing school.
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  3. by   DJ_Aly
    I think it's great that you're already considering taking the pre-reqs required for most CRNA programs. I know there's different kinds of physics out there so just make sure that you're taking the right one for whatever program you want to apply to in the future. Sometimes also, the schools may want certain classes to be within 5 years of your application. Again, you just have to find out exactly what the CRNA programs require. Good luck in all your classes!!
  4. by   stklgs

    My program required that you take physics while in the program. The class was only open to CRNA students. Typically it is reserved to just the accepted students but if there is room you can take as a student at large, as i did. I had never had physics and made it through.. You should do fine. Besides physics is the least of your worries as a SRNA..
  5. by   Harmony213
    I know that physics isn't really a big worry, but SIU-Edwardsville and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital program in St. Louis both require physics as a pre-req to get into the program so that is all I was wondering about. Thanks for the responses

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