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  1. For anyone in CRNA school now- do you use a PDA? and what kinds of stuff is it useful for? Contemplating as to whether I need one or not? Is a laptop better?
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  3. by   Brenna's Dad
    I think a PDA is great if you use it well (unlike me). I often think it's just a $200 calculator.

    What I do use it for is as a calculator and for epocrates. I do have clinical anesthesia by Barash, but usually reach for the book instead of the palm. I know many CRNAs who use it for catagorizing notes on certain procedures. I would really like to get a good case log program so I could keep track for my post-op visits, but havent been able to find anything good and free. (suggestions??)

    On a personal note, I'm thinking the next PDA I buy will be a PocketPC. Although part of me hates to support another Microsoft product, they do seem much more versatile.
  4. by   athomas91
    i find mine useful- would like to use it more...but i have The manual of anesthesia practice and omigui's anesthesia drugs - both of which are very good and quick references as compared to looking something up in a book - i also frequently use the calculator - when i find time i do make notes...like blocks - hints etc..as well as what certain doc's use for say...an axillary block..again a good quick reference...

    as far as the case log ..... there are alot of programs out there such as medtrax...which i believe is like 2$/mo - our program is looking at 3-4 different ones to get us away from the paper trail... things like medtrax are completely online integrated - so they constantly calculate your cases/hours etc...it will even remind you ahead of time that your ACLS is getting ready to expire...and your instructors have constant access as soon as you upload it to your main computer (onto the internet) - good stuff...