1. This buliten board has exploded; how refreshing.
    My instructor in a bsn program was telling me somthing about CRNA's being able to have a clause in thier contract about becoming a partner after X number of years.
    I don't even uderstand this notion or what it means or if it really happens.
    My gut feeling is that your in a group with some mda's and after you fulfill some period then you become a partner thereby taking home a greater percentage of the love...
    Can anyone shed any light on this???

    Matt RN
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  3. by   alansmith52
    since upwards of 40 of you have looked at this and there is no reply I will assume that my post either makes no sence or that nobody wants to talk about it or that no one really cares or there is no answer.
  4. by   lgcv
    You answered the question in the post, so there was no need to respond.
    A partnership is just what the name implies. After a year or so with a goup, if all are in agreement you become a partner. Share in the costs of/income from the practice.
  5. by   alansmith52
    OK, I guess I just need someone to verify what I alreadythought.. thanks

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