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  1. Hi there. my friend wanted to know if it's ok to take the ASN or BSN programs online, ie.. excelsior college and others...Would that make a difference in applying CRNA's school ? Appreciate your answer.

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  3. by   kkrnkk
    I initially got my ADN and went back to get my BSN. I graduated from a state supported university with a BSN where I completed the majority of the courses on-line. On a degree from a university, it doesn't state you earned your degree on-line. However, degrees from Excelsior are widely known as "on-line" programs. I have no idea if certain schools or programs are looked at differently or not? When I was researching schools, I found it was less expensive to attend a university locally that offered almost all of the courses on-line as compared to going through Regents or Excelsior. I may be wrong, but a degree is pretty much a degree. There are certain standards that are required of all degrees no matter what program or school one attends. In my opinion, taking on-line courses shows a great deal of tenacity and self discipline. In fact, some of the on-line course work seemed to be much more demanding than some of the classes I took on campus. But, the best part of it was you can do the work whenever you felt like it as long as you met the deadlines and for a night shift nurse, that was a wonderful thing! Hope this helps some.
  4. by   lpnga
    I am in the same situation. I am going from LPN to RN to BSN to CRNA. I am taking a good portion of my RN and BSN online, so I called a local university and was told that it does not make a difference when applying to CRNA because they don't know unless they ask all they look at is the BSN. I also know that the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's CRNA school uses MAT not GRE
  5. by   London88
    kkrnk is right. It takes a lot of discipline to do a degree online. I did the same thing as kkrnk by going to college to obtain my AD, and I then pursued my BSN via an online program from a state funded university. Many of the core requisites in CRNA programs are offered as an online class. My nursing research class that I am taking right now is an online class. Advance pathophysiology, as well as a number of other classes are offered online.

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