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  1. Wow:
    I just joined this forum and it looks like a good one. I have been watchin the yahoo site for some time and it hardly ever moves. plus this site seems to have more info about what I need to know.
    (long post- its my intro)
    I have been an RN for three years, two of wich were on med/surg and now for a year I have worked in a Neuro specific ICU at the university of Utah. My life's goail is to do aneshesia. having just spent nigh unto a decade in school I finally feel like I am getting closer (I am just finishing my BSN)
    I am planning on applying to about 15 schools this summer in hopes that one will pan out.
    Heres the question. I have read many posts about prospective students or CRNA's that had like 3-5 years of ICU experince before they got accepted. Having only had one year, is there any way on earth I am going to be accepted? Does anyone know anybody that was accepted with only one year?
    And how many years have some of you tried to no avail?
    I am trying to get a feel for what the competiton is really like so I can assess my physcological rediness.

    Matt RN.
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  3. by   lgcv
    There are two students in my program with a little over 1 year of experience in the ICU. By a little I mean a couple of months.
  4. by   kmchugh
    Exactly right. Once you hit the one year mark, you have met the requirement. Don't sweat it. I know of one guy who interviewed with a program six months out of nursing school. He was accepted and started his program just as he finished the one year.

    Kevin McHugh
  5. by   WntrMute2
    I agree, once you hit the one year mark, you have met the requirement. Ther is nothing you can do about it anyway. 2 people in my program ony completed their year once they were accepted. Reportedly, things are getting a bit tighter now with an influx of applicants but go for it. My program had 80 applicants for 10 spots but they also look highly on second time applicants if they correct the shortfall/s in their first application.