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  1. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about Oakland University's (Rochester, MI) CRNA program? I have an interview April 16 and would like to know any info they ask before the interview. 70-80 interviews for 15 spots...ahh!

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  3. by   N2bate
    I have a friend who graduated from Oakland a few years ago and his wife is a lurker on this BB. Let's see if we can her to chime in on his behalf. Nat?
  4. by   g8rlimey

    Please update how things are going with you at VCU--PM me if you want, just wondering about the first semster load, mamm. phys. , and how your 2nd semester is rolling.
  5. by   N2bate
    Thanks for asking. It's been a blast at VCU but not without challenges. Physiology was tough but given the right amount of sweat it all worked out. My first semester was complicated by my final few months in the Air Force but once I was past that hurdle everything fell into place.

    I love this place and the faculty is second to none. I've started my clinicals albeit only once per week. I really look forward to clinical and I'm excited to be spending more time in the OR next semester (clinical twice weekly). I have a great class as we all work well together and support each other, We started with 25 students and have only lost one and that was not due to grades or unhappiness with the program--just a personal choice to pursue another nursing path. I'm not sure what drove your decision to make VCU your top choice but I'll tell you now, you made the right move--it's a very respected program!

    Additionally, you'll find Richmond to be a cool city with lots to do and plenty to see. Guess I could go on but I think you get my point--I'm elated with VCU and my decision to pursue this profession. I'm looking forward to meeting you and if I can do anything to ease your transition here, please let me know.

    BTW, where are you from?
  6. by   g8rlimey
    I am currently in Phoenix, AZ---working my way across the US as a travel nurse. Think I am heading to Baltimore--Sinai next, but originally from Gainesville, FL.

    I chose VCU because how well they sell their program when you get there. It was a laid back int. process, and I felt very welcome. Additionally, the research component was important to me, and with Dr. Biddle on staff, things coudln't get better. Plus you get some of the big city bennies without the city headaches. Close to DC, close to Balt., etc., the reasons I chose VCU could go on forever. Glad to hear you are enjoying it and good luck with your OR time.
    BTW I will take you up on your offer, thx.
  7. by   Bella Amore
    Annie, new RN,

    My husband graduated from Oakland in 1998 and he loved the program. As far as the interview process is concerned, he mentioned it was in panel form. There were five faculty members on the board directing questions to the interviewee. The questions were mostly benign such as: why do you want to be a CRNA, what made you choose Oakland to apply, etc. They did ask him a few clinical questions, the only one he could remember was: "If a patients BP is decreasing, what would you do?" Pretty simple! He tried to include both a clinical answer and a managerial answer to show his leadership and delegation skills.

    As far as the program is concerned, he felt that he had excellent experiences offered to him in all his didactic and clinical situations. Beaumont Hosp is where they did most of their clinicals and he had the opportunity to do a remote clinical in Charlevoix as well. If you have further questions then please post them and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability! I hope this helps somewhat! Good Luck with the interview.
  8. by   szoozoo
    Hello, Bella Amore! Me and my friend are going to Oakland this coming Monday to the open house and were wondering how big are the chances for people from OH to get in CRNA program? I heard that they prefer their own nurses...
  9. by   Bella Amore
    Hi Szoozoo,

    I really can't answer that question well...but I can tell you that my husband was the ONLY person in his class that was from Beaumont Hosp. His class started at 13 people and he graduated with 11. So, the fact that he was the only one from Beaumont out of the original 13 are pretty good chances for you and your friend! We both wish you luck and enjoy the open house. Please post further questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability (with my husband's help of course!)

    Take Care,

    Bella Amore