NP then CRNA?

  1. Did anyone here get a NP then do CRNA? If you did, does it cut down on your CRNA training? I've been accepted to get my FNP degree and thought maybe I'll try for it while I'm waiting to 'hopefully' be accepted into CRNA. Has anyone else tried this? Or should I just take the time off of school and work until I can get in CRNA?
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  3. by   BRobison
    I haven't been thru an FNP program, so I may be wrong, but I wouldn't think the FNP program and the CRNA program have much in common at all. On that basis, I don't think the FNP course itself would be of much help with the CRNA course. I don't know that being an FNP would help you be accepted to a CRNA program, either, but maybe some program directors would be of help answering that question.........