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  1. Hi everyone I am a RN with three years behind me. I have 18 credits left to complete my BSN. I currently work in psyc. I started nursing school on about 1995. It has been slow going. My goal has remained the same for over seven years. I want to be a CRNA more than anything. I have a few worries. First my GPA will prob only be lower 3s as I didn't understand the importance of doing well in class when I graduated from highschool in 1990. Second I didn't do very well in chemistry, or micro. This is mostly because I didn't know how to learn or study at the time. This has chanced over the last couple of years. Because of my goal to become a CRNA I have forced myself to learn how to learn. I guess I am wondering if I will be given a chance even thou I didn't excel in the past? I am a very good nurse that cares for each and every patient I have contact with. I am planning my transition to ICU in the next year and will prob try to get 2yrs experience before I apply to a CRNA program. Two years isnt so long I have already waited seven and I am getting better at learning all the time. I have always had common sense, it has just taken some time for me gain book smarts. Maybe I should take some more Chemistry and Physics classes to prove I can now do well in these areas. What do you think?? I would love to here from all of you especially an actual CRNA with a few minutes.

    Thanks Michael
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  3. by   bear glacier
    Take chemistry over again. Thats what I did. In fact I took all my basic sciences over again including physics. I recieved A's in all the courses. You will be suprised how well you you do when you put all your effort into those courses again. You become more focused because you know where you want to be in the end. You want to be in NA school. Start looking at the curriculum of the different schools on the AANA's web sites. This will give you a better idea what kind of things you will need to prepare for the application process. Get into the ICU and be a sponge. Take the most critical patients you can. Take the CCRN exam. Take ACLS and PALS. Heck become instuctors in both thats what I did. Remember, if you think you can do it, then you CAN do it. Can't do it should not be part of your vocabulary. It has taken me a very long time to figure out that this is something I want to do. I have been a critical care nurse for nine years and the last four years I have been working as a flight nurse. Actually being a flight nurse has been a wonderful expirence. It is really the reason that I have decided to pursue nurse anesthesia. Anyway hope this helps.
  4. by   MICU RN
    I have followed a similar path, grad. with an ADN in 1998 and now getting ready to grad. with my BSN. I started taking prereq.s in 1994. I plan on applying to anesth. school for the fall 2003. I had bad grades in 1985 and 1986, my first time in college. When I went backin 1994 I applied and received academic amenesty. If you made a C or higher in micro and chem. I would not take them over. I would focus more on getting your BSN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND THEN START APPLYING, DONT WASTE ANOTHER YEAR RETAKING COURSES IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Also, I would get in an ICU as soon as possible and start learning as much critical care as possible. In addition, if you do well on your GRE or MAT and you should be fine.