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Is the primary purpose of the Murphy's eye on the ETT to ventilate the right lung, or is there a more arcane purpose for it? Thanks in advance!!... Read More

  1. by   lsucrna04
    Another application for the Murphy's eye is to facilitate ETT placement with an LTA (laryngeal Tracheal Anesthetic). If you place the LTA wand through the murphy's eye, you can slide the tube through the cords just after application and it works smoothly. This eliminates multiple traumas of exposing. One of the Army CRNAs illustrated this technique well.
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    [QUOTE=Brenna's Dad]Now for the $25 000 QUESTION.
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    WntrMute2: No problem, I completely understand! I should have been more clear in my question initially, and I should have stated why I was asking the question.

    lsucrna04: Thanks for that additional information! It is very interesting.

    Thanks to all of you, because the next time I teach the airway station at an ACLS class I will feel very prepared!!!
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    I'll try: "What is Right Angle Endotracheal Alex?"