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  1. I posted this in the pre-CRNA inquiry form and did not get much feedback, so I thought I would ask some CRNA's for advice.

    Hello, I would like to talk to a CRNA about the career and this seems like the place...
    To start out, I originally wanted to be an anesthesiologist as a high school student and my mom (who is an RN) told me that it was not a good career and that being a doctor is not all that it is cracked up to be. So I finished my undergrad degree with a BS in chemistry and completed my PharmD. I am currently working as a pharmacist and I have to say that the pay is great but I am not really happy with the amount of autonomy that we are given as healthcare professionals ( I can go into more details with this if anyone is interested).

    If I decided to become a CRNA, I know that the path would take me at least 4 years but I can work as a pharmacist part time (or more..if possible). I really want to know if it is financially worth my time? I think that I will eventually end up living in a smaller town where a CRNA would be granted enough autonomy to work on their own. On my rotations in pharmacy school I enjoyed time spent in the OR and working with CRNA/MDA's the most. I really like hands-on patient care and I think nurse anesthesia would be a good career. If anyone could give me some advice that would be great....

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    coops, I sent you a private message..let me know if you did not get it.
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    i would also like to get information on crna im thinking about getting in that field..
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    What would you like to know? Yes, the pay is great, better in some parts of the country than others. Autonomy? Always, but some jobs you have more than others. I currently work in a CRNA-only practice, but even if you have docs in your practice, they generally let you do your own cases. After all, we are well-trained professionals, and if we cannot be trusted to give anesthesia correctly, might as well not even be there.
    You can PM me if you wish.
    Brian Stephens, CRNA