looking for book REspond PLease

  1. Hi everyone I am looking for a book. One that will give me some idea of the what I will study in CRNA school. Something basic that will connect ICU, CCRN and the long term goal CRNA. Any thoughts? This could be as simple as the name of a book and author from your current basic principles of anesthesia course. Help please.

    Maybe this isnt very clear i just want some knowledge, antything that directly applies to CRNA verses all the hoops work of the BSN.
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  3. by   WntrMute2
    You can try Morgan & Mikail's Clinical Anesthesia or if that's too advanced, Stoelting's Basics of Anesthesia (A little too simple even for a neophyte I think).
  4. by   AL bug
    I agree with your selection WntrMute2. And I agree with the Basics comment...just when they have you led up to a thorough explanation, boom, you're cut off.