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  1. Upon review of past threads, I was made aware that one living in Arizona could fulfill a vast majority of their education via the nurse anesthetist program at Texas Wesleyan. I prefer not to move, so this is intriguing; however, I am sceptical and am pondurous as to what others have heard or experienced. The jist of the program is as follows: you have didactic in Ft. Worth for either the first entire year or first semester. You only have to attend the first semester in TX if more than one person from a listed clinical site wants to test via 2 way technology and be proctored from an affiliated clinical supervisor. The rest of the program, which is all clinical based, can be completed at a primary site in Tuscon and another site here in Phoenix. Are there any alumni or people who have checked into this that could help me with my decision? Also, is there anyone interested in apllying for next fall from Arizona? Their web site is www.txwesleyan.edu

    Thank You,
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  3. by   apaphoenix
    hey N2B8,

    I am a current student in the TX Wesleyan program, and the information you were given is accurate. Actually, it seems that this option is exercised by a majority of the students who are accepted to the program. Many of my classmates will be leaving after this first semester to go back home and continue via the distance learning program. The distance sites are equipped with two way audio-visual equipment. Therefore, you get to experience the same lectures that the students who remain in Texas get. The great thing is that everything is in real time and you even get to ask questions of the professors during class. It seems like a great option for out of state students (especially those with families). I don't think that you will have any trouble finding a group of students who will be exercising this option in your area.


    P.S.- Another plus: Texas Wesleyan has one of the largest CRNA programs in the nation. My class has a whopping 120 students. The interview is tough, but since so many slots are available you have a somewhat better chance of being accepted. Approximately one of every three interviewed is accepted. I love the program so far. Its very challenging, but at the same time the subject matter is so intriguing that it holds your interest. The instructors are wonderful and despite the class size, they always seem to have time to address students' individual needs. Hope this info helps.
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  4. by   N2B8
    Hey Bruce,
    That is exactly what I needed to know. I appreciate your perspective and insight. I applied to four schools for next year, all of which are located back home; however, this option I just discovered could save me the pangs of trying to move my family and forcing my wife to give up a good job. Thanks again!

  5. by   fence
    I have applied to Texas Wesleyan and am wanting to
    do the distance learning from Wichita. There was a mention that if you exercise this option you may have to interview at the affiliate site. Any perspective on this? Also you mention the Interview process is tough (This I expect). Could yo tell us a little about your experience and what to expect? Any thing would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  6. by   kmchugh
    I'm in Wichita, and there are a number of students who are using this option. I have not really heard any complaints, and had one student tell me they felt as though there was no different, with the two way, realtime video feed.

    Kevin McHugh
  7. by   fence
    If you were to choose. Would you choose Via Christi or Wesley Medical for clinical sites? I was wondering which one would have more opportunity for experience? Thanks for your input.
    By the way I have also applied to Newman.
  8. by   kmchugh

    I went to Newman. I guess I'd choose the Wesley Medical for my clinical site, but am not really ready to go into the reasons for that openly.

    Kevin McHugh
  9. by   fence
    I appreciate your input. I am hoping to get into
    Newman which is my first choice and then Texas Wesleyan second. Either way I will end up in Wichita (if I'm accepted). My mother was recently medi-flighted to wesley medical center after having a massive MI. So I am a bit familiar with the hospital. Maybe ( fingers crossed) we will meet if I am accepted to CRNA school. Again thanks for the input.
  10. by   apaphoenix
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  11. by   g8rlimey
    Thanks for advice re: interview questions. Cellular level MSO4 is a tough one, esp. to prepare for, but like you said, the most important thing is to know when your limits ahve been reached and to avoid pulling items from your rearend. How did the interviewers respond to "I don't know"?
  12. by   fence
    Thanks for the insight into the interview process at Texas Wesleyan. I have to admit it kinda scares me...lol. I am looking forward to the challenge. I hope I at least get an iterview.
    Thanks again.
  13. by   Roland
    what ion does MSO4 cause to influx at the target cell? Cl-?
  14. by   smiling_ru
    They are not sure, the theory developed via cloned opioid receptors(Mu, kappa, delta) is that when receptors are coupled via G-proteins there is an inhibition of adenylyl cyclase activity, activation of K+ currents and suppression of Ca++ currents. The belief is that the hyperpolarization by the K+ activation and the suppressed Ca++ are reasonable mechanisms for explaining opioids blockade of neurotransmitter release, and pain transmission in neural pathways. But, as it stands it is all theory, over and over you will here. We don't really now how it works but....

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