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  1. Folks, sorry if this was already discussed in another area of the board...wanted to get some opinions on LT work. From what I am seeing, sounds like a great way to get some varied experience in a variety of locations. That being said, I would think a new grad would want to have a year or two under their belt before venturing off into the wild...Any opinions? Any other considerations for LT work - malpractice, living conditions, etc.? Any success/horror stories?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    At one of the meetings I atteneded they said that new graduates could not get malpractice insurance to cover LT work. I am not sure how long you have to work before you can be insured for it though. It must be less than a year because I know people who have done it less than a year after graduation.
  4. by   loisane
    smiling_ru's point about insurance may be valid. Sorry I don't know the details. I have heard that companies are not issuing policies to new grads if they work in office settings, or outpatient centers, so a restriction about locum works might fit that pattern.

    These restrictions about new grads is a fairly recent development, I believe. So if you know CRNAs who did locums their first year out, if might have been before this change.

    I don't have any personal experience with working as a locum. From what I have heard from those that do, the most important thing is the integrity of the placement agency. It's important to do your homework before signing up.

    Hopefully, some locum CRNAs will respond.

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