Loans... where to look?

  1. Anybody have suggestions on where to look for loans which do not have acquisition fees? I figure that I need 30k to live on and would like to make every penny work for ME.
    Any info on what you liked, what websites to visit, ect is needed. Also, is there any such thing as grants anymore? I know there must be some form of grant or scholarship out there and my computer just must not be taking me to the right places!
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  3. by   UCDSICURN
    You can borrow 18500 per year from the Feds. You can also borrow above and beyond that from private lenders such as citibank. Read the fine print from the private lenders.

    As far as scholarships, I'm not sure about those. If there were a few the competition would be pretty good. You can also wait and see if you can sign on with a group when you start school. An example of that is Kaiser Permanente gives a 10k per year loan to "x" number of students (From Sam. Merritt College at least.) which are "forgiveable" if you work for them after graduation.

    Hope this helps a bit...

    Donn C.
  4. by   snowboarderRN
    not too sure about aquistion fees but wells fargo has a variety of student loans anywhere from 1-30k/annual. I think that's what i'll try unless I come up with something better.
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