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  1. I just graduated from MSN with concentration in anesthesia. Now I can call my self-a GRNA. I have applied for a job with Kaiser permanent. I had a misdemeanor history, which has nothing to do with my anesthesia/nursing abilities, and was expunged couple months back. Few months ago I applied at one facility here at Kaiser and I told about the conviction to DA at that facility and she did not give me the job. They did not do my background check, I told her myself about the situation. Then I got scared, and I did not apply anywhere else. Instead I went back to the court and got an expungment. My license has never been revoked or suspended at all. Now I have reapplied, and the recruiter is not replying back to me or sending my applications to diff facilities where I am interested. I have made several phone calls and sent e-mails. I try contacting Kaiser hospital in northern Ca; they don't seem to have any problem with the expungement. I tried contacting anesthesia dept personally, but it comes down to that I have to go through their main recruiter, that is not helping me. So what do I do, I want to stay here with Southern Ca Kaiser. Can anybody guide me how to approach this?
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  3. by   zippity
    It is not uncommon for people to have a misdemeanor on their record. Even if it has been expunged, it needs to be disclosed on every application up-front with an adjoining letter explaining the situation.... what happened, and why it won't happen again. Did you disclose the info on your initial application? If not, it could disqualify you..... an expungement does not exempt you from disclosure.

    Anyhow, why do you need to work for Kaiser? Did you go to school there? Do you have to work for them? Anyhow, there are many places to work in So. Cal.... USC, UCLA, VA hospitals.... If you apply elesewhere, you ought to disclose your misdemeanor..... Otherwise, I suggest writing a letter to the Kaiser recruiter and requesting a meeting so you can clear the situation.
  4. by   RN FOR LIFE
    I would not continue to contact Kaiser. Although you had this expunged and willingly confessed with your interview process, it does not sound like they are going to let this go. I thought EOE meant something ?
    Everyone makes mistakes and our court system has ways of deciding what punishments receive what type of action taken. Yours happened to be a misdemeanor. If you've had your record expunged as you said you have this entitles you --- you may answer on questioning to anyone, including employers that you have never been convicted, arrested--this is what expungement means. Expungement is for first time offenders only and encourages them not to enter into the judicial criminal system again, because if you do you will certainly be punished to a further extent. Expungement allows these firstime offenders this opportunity to clear their record after restitution, probation, whatever means, have been successfully completed. Expungement, according to PA law enables you to state your record is clean. You may need to check on your state, (CA) or whatever state you're seeking employment for their expungement definition. Regardless of your past actions, expungement entitles you to a new beginning, and you do not need to disclose your past to anyone, including employers and on interviews. This is not a dishonest approach, but your legal right with expungement. No one is entitled information from your past because it no longer exists--records have been destroyed, they no longer exist.
    Expungement does allow to put your past behind you and you do NOT have to disclose your past criminal record. This is the law and how expungement works. Anyone disagreeing with this needs to look up laws regarding expungement.
    I would suggest starting your job search again. When you find something you're interested in, remember, your record is clean. I would suggest not disclosing your past information--as your records have been destroyed opon expungement, stop crucifying yourself and agree to the terms of expungement--it is your legal right. Good luck !! Any further info on expungement I will be happy to chat.
  5. by   RN FOR LIFE
    I'm sorry I missed that you were convicted. Expungement regarding non-convictions in lieu of felony, misdemeanor, but not an actual conviction entitles one to safely and honestly answer no to these questions. In this case expungement allows for you not to disclose information...but since you were convicted I am wrong. Arrests records,etc. would have all been destroyed. I'm sorry for possibly misleading will need to check with your expungement regarding this. Again it depends on the expungement and convictions.