ISCM block for shoulder surgery

  1. Is it just me or does the ISCM (Intersternocleidomastoid) block of the brachial plexus just taught in a few places? Kaiser teaches it through the navy but everywhere else I go, no one knows what the heck it is. Is this true or has this great block slid under the radar?
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  3. by   gaspassah
    it's a great block, i too learned it at the navy when training at kaiser. however noone knows what it is here in miss and trying to get them to learn or try it is like beating your head against the wall. it's much easier than an interscalene imho.
  4. by   catcolalex
    thanks dave, I've also taken up a personal crusade to spread the good word. I'll keep it up. kaiser rules.
  5. by   susswood
    The website nurse - anesthesia . org has a whole section devoted to regional and you can post regional discussions.... see if anyone knows about it there.
  6. by   maturner
    I hope to get some of the folks in HI to buy into the block. I loved it @ Navy and IMHO found it easier and more reliable than interscalene.

    Bye the way, The Irishman and myself received the good word about our board results yesterday. It sure feels good to have that final hurdle out of the way. I haven't been this relaxed in 2+ years! The wife and I can now head off on our sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands with no worries!!!
  7. by   catcolalex
    Congrats to you and the leprochaun both!, have fun on your trip man.

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