Is there a rather comprehensive database in existence that addresses significant....

  1. anesthesia research from the last decade? I am specifically looking for information on research which has been done with regard to neuroelectrical stimulation as it relates to chronic pain management. My thesis (which is REAL rough at this point) is that hyperstimulation OR chronic low level stimulation of specific CNS and or PNS pathways via a transportable or implantable device could be of potential benefit to those suffering from chronic pain, espcially "phantom" pain associated with amputation. My paper which is for a 400 level, elective, neurophysiology class I am taking is not due until the end of November. Any input would be appreciated.
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  3. by   kmchugh
    You might check out The Electronic Anesthesia Library (TEAL). It's a comprehensive library of research on one CD ROM of all anesthesia research published in five prominent journals in the last five years. However, its pretty expensive. You can order it here or other places:

    Kevin McHugh
  4. by   Roland
    than I expected. Last year I had asked my wife for an online subscription to Science and Nature for Christmas. I was shocked to learn that the price tag came to over $400.00! JUST for the online versions!

    In addition, if I make it a point to read just one article a week from the CD-ROM by the time I get to CRNA school I should have at least SOME foundation for the material (Of course my info will be dated, but somethings is better than nothing!)

    Much Thanks
  5. by   WntrMute2
    You can also try CINHAL, and MEDLINE. both are online databases.
    One of my personal favorites is Pubmed/OMIN which is NIH's website. Or something like that.
    The Pubmed search engine is general medical stuff. Everything is supposed to be there. OMIN is geared toward genetic diseases and there is some really cool stuff there.
  6. by   Qwiigley
    I bought TEAL from and only spent $90.00
    It was advertised and used; but came in perfect condition!

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