Interviews being held by Cal State Fullerton; Kaiser next week

  1. Hi All;
    Interviews will begin next week for Kaiser School of Anesthesia, Cal State Fullerton. I am wondering who has received a letter to attend?
    Most likely there will be 12 people in the interview besides yourself.
    Dr. John Nagelhout, Dr. Sass Elisa, Dr. Shelly Lethiot, Dr. Michael Baytim, (Kaiser instructors), 2 Jrs. students, 2 Sr. students, 2 practicing CRNAs and 2 MDAs.
    The interview lasts between 7-15 minutes. (that's last year). So likely the same this year.
    Look the people in the eye. Scan the room. SMILE!
    and GOOD LUCK!!!!
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  3. by   nikkiE
    Hi. I have an interview next week. Twelve people is a little scary huh? Can you tell me what kind of questions to expect. Are they more clinical or about who I am, why I want to be a CRNA...Thanks for your help.
  4. by   Qwiigley
    Good Luck Nikkie!
    The questions for two years ago were some clinical and some about yourself. Don't show nervousness. They want to see that you can handle the pressure. Smile. You might be asked why you want to be an anesthetist. (be sure to pronounce this word correctly). Believe it or not, some people don't.
    They may ask you about how you will feel about working with a MDA. What if you disagreed with the MDA, how would you handle it? There are alot of questions, try to pause.... think and answer. They want to see how you think on your feet.
    Good LUCK! PM me and let me know how it went. What day are you going to be there? I am at the school on Tues. If you are there I will meet you to BOAST your spirits!
    PM me to let me know!