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  1. Anyone interview this last week @ TWU? I interviewed on the 13th I felt it went well but...... Any way I know they had interviews yesterday and I think that is it for the year. I hope to hear something by the first of next week. Just looking to see if there was anyone out there who was in on this last round of interviews to see how they felt it went.
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  3. by   snowboarderRN
    I interviewed back in febuary, still no word, I guess if I was considered one of the more exceptional canidates I would be accepted by now. It seems I'll wait and hopefully hear by middle of next week. My interview went well by my estimation, but its hard to say what the competition is like. If I didn't get in I'll keep at it in the fall. The wait is like a thoracotomy w/o enough pain meds!
  4. by   InTheBlood
    If you're talking about Texas Wesleyan, they're supposed to be letting people know around April 20. I called because was accepted to TCU and needed to let them know, so wanted to check my status at TWU. They told me 4/20, I told them nevermind.
  5. by   alansmith52
    its probably just a matter of loosing some money up front if you accept both. right. seems like a big decison.

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