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  1. Hello everyone!!
    Am new to this board and have read some great stuff. I know the interview process varies from program to program but am trying to get a handle on some universal do's & don'ts. I have interviewed twice and am on an alternate list. I have 3 years ICU experience, sat for the CCRN in May, had a 4.0 with my BSN. Also hold other members of the alphabet soup - PALS,ACLS and TNCC. Any suggestions for getting an edge, enhancing my chances for getting interviews? I didn't get a call from Minneapolis, anyone got the skinny on this program? What I haven't done: completed graduate course work or published a journal article. I know that I will get into a program, but as Paul sang "Oh, Cecilia.....your break'n my heart, your shak'n my confidence daily....."
    Any input would be much appreciated.....

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  3. by   fence
    I applied to Minneapolis and had not heard back from them. They had called me 2 weeks ago and told me one of my reference letters had not arrived. They let me contact my reference and have her fax it. Of course they still wanted the hard copy. I called them today to check and see if it had arrived and the secretary told me the director still had several applications on her desk (including mine) and that she was working on them. So, who knows. I wouldn't quite give up on them yet you may still be on her desk. Good luck on your applications.
  4. by   Brenna's Dad
    I don't think you can do much more knockin'. You seem to very qualified and have all the credentials. If you references are good, you are a shoe-in. Hold tight