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  1. I am writting a paper for an English class and decided to do it on CRNA vs. MDA debate. I know this is a hot topic, (that is what my professor is looking for)and I don't want to start yet another debate.

    What I am looking for is some direction to the issues debated between the two. I have already done a lot of research (and searched all the old threads) and have found a large amount of information. So far the only thing I can seem to come up with is MDA's (or rather student MD's) upset that they have to go to a lot more school then CRNAs and CRNAs get paid a decent salary. Are there any other issues?

    I did find the info here about morbidity/mortality rates, so their cries of that seem to be a non-issue.

    Edited to add: I was also looking for the information I read in past posts here (but now I can't seem to find it) on when physicians decided to specialize in anesthesia (something about mortality rates increasing and thus salaries increasing).

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Berliner
    Ok, here we go again. My last post got sent into who knows where.
    There is some background to the press you see on the aana website. An article was done by Abenstein and Warner in the journal Anesthesia and Analgesia in June 1996 titled "Anesthesia, Providers, Patient Outcomes and Costs". The AANA then replied to this article in Vol. 64, No. 5 of October 1996, pgs 413- 416 and a critique in December 1996, Vol 64, No. 6 pgs 528- 533. I had also found an article in the AANA, April 1994, Vol. 62, No2 entitled "Examining collaborative relationships between anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists in nurse anesthesia educational programs". There is legistration that provides that each state may opt out of anesthesiologist supervision as it relates to Medicare reimbursement which is also heating up the battle. There was a thread a while back that refers to this called "12 states down yeee haaaa. I am interested in this as well, but haven't had time to read all the research I've printed out but with your post will sit down to it. Let me know if you find anything else out there. I think I heard a whisper of MDA's trying to corner the market of podiatrical cases- or something like that. What drew you to the CRNA field and where are you in your studies?
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    Thanks for your reply Berliner.

    I have worked in the OR for 5 years. When I started we had 2 CRNAs and 6 Anesthesiologists. I kept hearing rumor of the battle between the two (with on MDA in particular writing the papers and telling people to ask "Are you a "real" Doctor" ect.). On the surface they seemed to get along fine. But I was always told once our two CRNAs retired (or went elsewhere) we would not have CRNAs in our hospital anymore. Well this past year that has happened, and we no longer have any CRNAs. But guess what? We have a dire shortage of anesthesia providers, and even have had to contract with a group up north to come down and cover our butts.

    Sorry to go off on the tangent, but that is how I became aware of CRNAs and ultimately decided that is what I want to do.
  5. by   Berliner
    I had moved to pasadena a couple of months ago and have been trying to shaddow a crna down here. When I've called the different hospitals, I've been getting a very rude- "oh, WE don't use them HERE". I don't know if this is an ignorance thing, more of the jealously among nurses thing, or what. But an effort has definately been made that there is a difference. I'm really trying to gather all the info I can and see on what level I can be involved to increase awareness of not only CRNA's but nurses. I hate it when hospitals tout "where good doctors come to work". Yea, well, you'll see them for two seconds and then you'll be in the hands of the nurses so don't we deserve a billboard? :angryfire Just had to rant!