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  1. I am currently working on my BSN and am trying to decide if it is resonable/wise to apply to CRNA school with only 1.5 years of ICU experience. When I get to the ICU, what skills do I need to concentrate on to make the most out of my time before applying? Also, any thoughts about the pros/cons of going to CRNA school so soon after BSN completion are welcomed! Thanks!
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    Remember, the COA requires 1 year. I honestly believe this is a personal matter. I often ask myself, " Would I let myself put me to sleep?"

    Get alot of crisis management experience. Get in the middle of codes. Know all of your drugs and why you are giving them & how they can affect your patient. Ask for the sickest patients in the unit and look for ways to improve their life. Always ask "WHY? "
    Be a leader! This is what you will be as a CRNA!