ICU and ER experience

  1. I am currently an ICU nurse with 9 months experience. I want to go to the ER because that is my passion, but am afraid that this will exempt me from getting into a CRNA program. Any thoughts out there? Should I stay in the ICU or will more experience in a different area be of benefit?
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  3. by   Passin' Gas
    Stay in the ICU environment. Many schools do not consider the ER as critical care experience.
  4. by   mbrian46
    I would recommend staying in the ICU. Speaking from experience, I worked ER for 5 years, CEN certified, the whole nine yards. I transferred to a neuro ICU about 2 years ago. To me it was a big transition. It's a whole new way of thinking. I think both areas offer very valuable experience--ER- learn time management, enhanced skills, etc., ICU-- definitely more in depth knowledge base.....
  5. by   Qwiigley
    See if you can float to ER on a regular basis. You will get the best of both worlds.
  6. by   athomas91
    i have done er for 5 years - the past year i did perdiem (avg about 2 day/wk) in a cvicu - i agree the thought processes are different - but they also complement each other
    why not do both and have the benefit of both?!
  7. by   mady
    I believe ED/ER and ICU provide different experience for CC students. However many CCRN who did their CritCare course at ED felt that working and studying in ICU would provide them with in-depth and broad knowledge and skills in CritCare. A CCRN who had been working in ED told me that she didn't what pressure control ventilation until started working ICU.

    However, working in ED assist in sharping your assessment skills, time management etc ...

    I was luck as i could completed my CritCare training in as busy and major ICU, dealing with all sort of patients and machines.