I just opend Baylors app packe and you won't belive...

  1. So, I just re-visited Baylors app packet. its a nice folder somewhat like the one Duke's comes in. the picture on the front is in an OR. the table is ready but the little girl is sitting on the CRNA's lap. the CRNA is obiously comforting the girl and holding the mask close to her face to she could get some blow by "good stuff". behing the CRNA is what appears to be an Anesthesiologist and he is controlling the gas and his gold watch is very obvious in the picture. I am not sure exactly what is going on the picture but it did give me the hee bee gee beees. So I open the packet and start reading. it expains how it is medical shcool so on and so forth, medicine this and medicine that. "the nurse together with the Anesthesiologist and surgeon bla bla bla" Not that those things aren't true in real life but the packet is really drivin it home. suddenly I was caught up in a vision there I am in class with these medical residents. but the nurses are learnig how to tape the patient to the table and the residents are learning how to mix gas....
    Has anyone been to Baylor, can anyone shed some light on this....
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  3. by   TexasCRNA
    Bump that!! go somewhere you dont have to compete with the docs. I see you are from Utah I have a good friend of mine that just finished CRNA school here in Connecticut and he lives in Salt Lake. He interveiwed at Baylor and did not like the atmosphere, said something to the fact they had big egos and were not very friendly. He was accepted to 4 schools and had his pick at UNC, Barry, Baylor and not including the one in CT. trevor is now back in Salt Lake studying for his boards at this time. I say dont apply to just one school, try at least 5 and go to the interviews and see what they have to offer. Lee
  4. by   Doug Cameron
    Gowkout, can you tell me which program he graduated from in CT? Am looking at the three of them now for next year: New Britain, Bridgeport, and St.Raphael's. Any recommendations? Thanks - Doug
  5. by   TexasCRNA
    Doug, he went to BPT. and graduated on May 02. the program is 24 mon. If you want to get in, better get those apps in right away. New class just started at BPT. and they will start looking at apps soon. Not quite sure about the other two except that BPT has the best clinicals because you get to do it all including regionals. Hope this helps.
    BTW ==I am at BPT--- 10 months till graduation!!
  6. by   Doug Cameron
    Congratulations, G, that's great. 10 months will go by quickly, I'm sure.

    I should be getting the application materials any day now; I'll apply this fall. I may have to wait a year, though I hope not. Am taking organic and physics in the fall, as well as GRE's.

    Thanks for the info!
  7. by   TexasCRNA
    Doug, good idea to take some classes while waiting to get into school for this will show them that you are serious about becoming an CRNA.

    I would also suggest picking up a basic anesthesia book( Stoleting) and do some informative reading to get an idea about the different aspects of the practice. I believe this will also help you in the future with interviews and might help with the shell shock once you get accepted and start some anesthesia classes. Nothing you do can totally prepare except the will and discipline to "keep on keep'in on" Gowkout
  8. by   g8rlimey
    Anyone out there thinking about Duke or heard anything about it?
    That's my first choice so far, but having a hard time finding anyone who's been there....
  9. by   lgcv
    Duke is a new program, I don't think their first class has graduated yet.
  10. by   g8rlimey
    Actually, I believe it's been around awhile--don't know how long, but the director of the UAB program graduated from there but don't know when...
  11. by   lgcv
    They had a program there years ago, but it closed during the last round of closings...over 10 years ago I think. The new program was accredited in 2000 and I think the first class started in 2001.
  12. by   g8rlimey
    Thanks for the info--it all makes sense now.

    So do you think it's worth going there even though it is new?

    Duke stands out to me because of the size of the med. center, length of program, amt. of clinical hours, and the wide variety of clinical sites. In their packet, 1900 clinical hours is the approx. #. In your experience, is that an average number?
  13. by   TexasCRNA
    G8, just so you know 1900 hrs is a lot. The required amt is 450 cases and 850 hrs. Now the hours are only with a pt under anesthesia and do not include hours spent setting up, doing pre-ops or any other type of activity. You may have an 10 hr day but only 5 hours of that day was with you having a pt "under" so then you get to only count 5 hours on your anes sheets even though you put in a 10 hr day. If you avg about 1500 clinical hrs you are working your butt off, 1900 hrs who knows what they are doing to you?? Maybe they count the hours in the day.. Just a FYI for you. I work with an CRNA who graduated from Duke's CRNA school she is an excellent CRNA. She used to drop ether thats how long shes been around.
  14. by   g8rlimey
    Kinda like what Michael Caine did in Cider House Rules? I don't know of the top o' my head how those hours are divided up, but I suppose that's something to explore further. Thx Gowk.
    --BTW--I have read your posts b4 but where are you going to school again? Sorry about that--I only had to read the earlier posts to answer--.
    I look fwd to hearing about nilepocs experiences @ G-town
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