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So, I just re-visited Baylors app packet. its a nice folder somewhat like the one Duke's comes in. the picture on the front is in an OR. the table is ready but the little girl is sitting on the... Read More

  1. by   braden74
    i know people get sensitive about saying negative things about some schools but if it is public knowledge i figured it would be ok. i keep seeing people state that some schools have good pass rates on crna boards. does anyone know which schools have poor first time pass rates? i think most of us would want to know if someone has this knowledge.

  2. by   fence
    How is Newman? I am puttintg together my application now. I still have to take the GRE will be doing so in mid August. I have spoken with Tony Chipas on the phone and am planning on comming up for a tour of the school in the near future. I live in northern Oklahoma and go to wichita often so it would be nice and close to home.
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  3. by   lgcv
    I think it is great, the program is Tony's baby so he does every thing he can to make it the best program possible.
    Lot's of regional, no real competition with the residents.
    Some of the stories I hear from students in other programs make it seem as if we have it made in this program.
    I would not want to be anywhere else for my anesthesia education.
  4. by   FritoPie
    I live in Texas and am no where near the stage I'd like to be (applying for grad school), I am still working on my BSN. But I have a question for you guys. I live in Texas and there are only three CRNA programs here, not counting the army which is not a consideration for me. You guys that are moving to different states to go to school, how do you afford to live? Loans? Here in Texas we have a free house (was my grandmother's) and my husband has a good job. We are able to survive because we have income and hardly any expense, so I was wanting to go to one of the schools here but the opinions of them are not sounding too good. So, how are you guys that are picking up and moving to other states going to survive? And, after graduation, will you have to test for a license in the state you went to school in and then in your home state as well if you decide to return?

    Thanks, Linda
  5. by   alansmith52
    I haver personaly vowed not to work and to devote every bit of energy to learning so I plan on living on many student loans.
  6. by   SambvcaSim

    If I may say, you are in a great location. Visit UT-Houston and Baylor's CRNA programs. Go have an interview with the program heads at both universities, and I mean...interview them about their program. The head at Baylor was more than happy to show me through the O.R., and shadow a few of his instructors and students. May I say, I was impressed! But, may I say...my husband and I transfered to Houston for the opportunity to go to one of the two CRNA programs here. My mind was made up, that either program was excellent! I picked UT-Houston over Baylor, for many personal reasons, as they were more impressive (to my standards). I obtained loans (easily) for tuition and cost of living allowance through the university. These will help greatly! Good luck to you Linda, and truly look at the great schools here in the state!

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