how much stock do schools put into GRE or MAT scores?

  1. Just thought I would throw this question out there. I just got back my MAT score which was a raw score of 49 out of a 100 and was in the 56% percentile over all. However, the school I am applying to stated that they wanted at least a 50. But I personally know of people who got in the school with high 40's. So I am wondering if I will have to take it over? I usually did better on the practice test, so I know I am capable of getting over a 50. I was very dissappointed, but am willing to do what ever it will take to get in. I do have good grades and have been a nurse for 4 1/2 years with SICU, MICU and ER experience. Three of those years in a level one trauma ER, which I know they will accept. I felt that my rersume looked pretty good, until I got back my MAT score, but now I am concerned. Any advice or input would be appeciated.Thanks!!!
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    I think your going to find a lot of differing positions. I believe you stack the deck in your favor everwhere you can. For me, I'd study a bit more and retake. i'd also take the GRE to be sure there was nothing that said "pick someone else." That's just me. i'd hate to not get in somewhere and then wonder if that single point was it.