How much ICU time?

  1. I know that many people have discussed applying as soon as possible to CRNA school but I have heard otherwise from some schools.

    I would like some advice or input from the members who have already graduated. I spoke with an advisor at one school and was advised to wait until I have 2 years experience to apply having a total of 3 years when I'm accepted. Does anyone have input on this? Is there that big of a learning curve with the extra year? She told me that it is better to have the experience so you know more of the basics going in to school.

    The advisor told me that 99% of the people who fail or drop out have only 1-2 years ICU/nursing experience.

    Also, I heard USC is moving there program to the School of Medicine. Sounds like the Baylor program. Anyone have any comments about taking class with med students? Constructive comments please.

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  3. by   AL bug
    Hey, I see you have had to repeat your question. I didn't give my two cents because I have not graduated yet. I am in CRNA school now, and I had about 18 months ICU experience when I applied. I think if your GPA, GRE, etc. look good, go ahead and apply. I think Kevin M. will agree with me, the worst thing that can happen is you don't get in but you would have the experience of the interview process(which is not a piece of cake some places). The best thing would be you get accepted.All you are out is money for application fees if you don't make it. Kevin also made a good point that one years difference is between $50,000-$100,000. Go for it.
  4. by   braden74
    I see your point about the money and time issue. What I'm also interested in is whether more ICU experience will help get a lot of the basics in anesthesia school learned and make me better prepared.

    The way it was explained to me is that this faculty member believes that 3 years of ICU experience is needed to really get a handle on assessing patients and how to react to certain situations. She believes that once you learn these basic skills that you don't have to work as hard to learn these skills in CRNA school and can concentrate on the new material. Otherwise if you don't have this ground work you have to learn it and everything else in school.

    So I was wondering if any of you believe this or have seen this in your experiences.

    Thanks for the reply. Brad
  5. by   lgcv
    I would say that is true, there are a lot of little things you learn that take you a long way in anesthesia school. But, that is not to say that people can not do it without the background, just extra learning.
  6. by   braden74
    So that extra year in the ICU really is beneficial? Sounds like it varies with each nurse but I want to make sure I'm absolutely prepared going in. No since making it harder that it has to be if I can learn more in one extra year.

  7. by   lgcv
    I would apply as soon as you can. If nothing else they see your name, if they interview you, even better you might get in. And, if you don't the first time, you will have the advantage of being told early exactly what they want from you, and they will already know you when you re-apply. Ultimately, it can't hurt and can definately help!
  8. by   braden74
    I think you are right. Maybe I just needed to hear it from someone else.

  9. by   AmiK25

    I just wanted to say that I think you should apply as soon as possible--here's why!! I have a friend who graduated in December and then applied to Rush University in October (which would have given here 10 months experience then and about 18 when school started). She was accepted to their CRNA program, not for the year she was applying for, but for the following year. They told her they would like her to have a little more experience in the ICU. This proved to be a great experience for her because she worked for the next year knowing she had gotten in so she did not have to worry about sending out applications again and all that. Plus, she began taking classes that she knew she needed (Ethics, Advanced Assessment, etc...). She has just started her program in full time about 3 weeks ago (Rush starts in June) and after her first quarter, she has all her classes out of the way except those pertaining to anesthesia!! She also told me that the extra experience was really great and she feels much for confident now. Hope this helps!

  10. by   braden74

    Wow, that would be great to have a situation like that. I guess I will just go forward and see what happens. Thanks for that story.

  11. by   AmiK25

    Your welcome! By the way, she has just started her program and she LOVES it!!!

    Good luck,
  12. by   braden74
    You know that also reminds me of something else I heard.

    If you get placed on the wait-list at Gonzaga in WA, you are automatically placed for the following year. Anyone hear that about any other schools?

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