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I ended up auditing o-chem (for obvious reasons!) but know that I will most likely have to at least get a C in it before applying to CRNA schools. For you CRNAs and SRNAs out there, honestly, how is... Read More

  1. by   Brenna's Dad
    I agree with all the above responses. I did not take O-chem, but wish that I had. It is a must to understanding pharmacology. In fact, pharmacology is ALL about organic chemistry.

    Instead, I learned O-chemistry as i went along my pharmacology course. But it would have been immeasureably helpful.

    If I had it to do over again, I would take it and ensure that I did well in it. Not only for the grade, but also for the knowledge.
  2. by   London88
    I took biochem in the past, and it made a big difference when I took pharmacolgy. Pharamcology is not the easiest of classes, and I don,t know how some of the students survived without biochem or organic chem.
  3. by   dianacs
    What about o-chem lab? Important or not so important? I ask because in this case the lecture is a separate course from the lab, as opposed to gen chem where lab + lecture are all rolled into one course. Timewise, I'd rather do the o-chem lecture only. Thoughts?
  4. by   keermie
    I had taken organic I with the lab. Then, I elected for an organic II coarse in the summer. It was too intense, and I ended up dropping the lab. Granted they are considerably different coarses their structure was exactly the same, and I was able to grasp plenty from the classes (sometimes not so much ). It also depends on how you learn. For some people it really helped to put things together, but for some (like me) it was a painstakingly difficult task in that, "just give me the right precipitate already! I don't care how at this point"! Needless to say, I know little of the application of coarse material to the lab. I would just contact the schools to which you are applying to find out for sure.
  5. by   Brenna's Dad
    I would just take the lecture
  6. by   dianacs
    OK, then, 2 semesters of organic or 1?
  7. by   SCHMEGGA
    O-chem is somewhat helpful for pharm (as stated). Other than that you will not use it much at all. One semester should be plenty.
  8. by   kevro1013
    For my BSN i had to take 1 semester of inorganic, 1 semester of organic with some biochem mixed in. Does anyone think this is enough for CRNA school? I have heard by some that the schools will teach you all that you will need provided you have some background.
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