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  1. I am starting at TWU in August and am curious if anyone could enlighten me about beneficial software. i.e. power point, APA format program. Any additional tips which would make my life at school run smoother would be greatly appreciated. Wonderful board by the way.
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  3. by   London88

    I have microsoft word for my word processor, and use an APA format program which you can purchase and download from Reference Point Software. If you have microsoft word this APA program will incoroporate web references, as well as all the others. It takes the headache out of writing references, and will put your paper in APA format. I had a Lotus wordprocessor at one point, but I got rid of it and installed microsoft word for this reason. This software can be used for other word processors, but it will not do web referencing ( cost no more than $30). As for power point, you probably will need it to do presentations. Check with your school to see if you can get it for free. Many schools give their students free software. I got it from a friend who received it free of charge from Drexel Univ. I hope this helps!
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  4. by   TraumaNurse
    Are most of the CRNA programs using APA format? As much as I have used APA in the past, you would think it is second nature. An APA software program sounds great!
  5. by   arkgolfer
    A friend of mine used an IBM program called ViaVoice while he was in chiropractic school. He recorded the lectures via his laptop and this program coverted the lectures into Word documents. I plan on trying it out this fall.
  6. by   Gump
    FYI, you can also download free software that does APA. But like London88 said, be sure to check with your school.
  7. by   yoga crna
    It has been a long time since I was a student, but do use a computer all the time in my CRNA practice. Every anesthesia case I have done since being in private practice is on the great database program--Filemaker Pro. (I have a Mac, but know you can get Filemaker for PC. The nice thing about Filemaker is that you can add the fields you need and make easy modifications. Even though you don't need to worry about it as a student, I even do my insurance billing and invoicing on Filemaker.

    I also use Power Point for lectures, MS Word for writing and Excel.
  8. by   KWebb
    I've just finished 40 sem hrs at TWU and I am heading to Denver, CO for residency in 4 days!! TWU requires MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Don't need Ppt so much for presentations as you do to print up your professor's lectures. Definitely don't buy any APA software yet. This is not an MSN program and we didn't do ANY research what-so-ever! (the MAIN reason why I chose TWU) Unfortunately though, I'm hearing rumors that your Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia II class will require some research next year. Not sure about that though.

    Good luck. Any questions let me know. Post on "Texas Wesleyan Students, lend me your ear" thread (please)

  9. by   SCHMEGGA
    Originally posted by KWebb
    ...TWU requires MS Word, Excel, and Power Point....K
    This is all you really need. Make sure you keep an up to date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader as well. Most documents are .pdf files.