1. I was wanting to attend CRNA school - but after investigating it I realized that there is no way that I could attend school and work full time. I am currently an RN-BSN. I have had a recent offer from the hospital that I work for - They will pay me $1500.00 a month while I attend school - allowing me time off yet I will need to work a couple weekends a month. In return I will have to sign a five year contract with the hospital. I need some help deciding what I should do - is this a good offer , if not what is? All input is needed. Thank-you so much!
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  3. by   jeffreyheese
    That ain't the best offer in the world. I would save up some money, and take loans. Loans for grad school are a lot more than under grad, and most places that will hire will pay off 20,000 or so.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    IMHO, those couple of weekends a month may well break you. Personally, I'm studying pretty much every night and weekend. I did take my wife to the movies the other night! Those tests Monday AM are going to be tough if you have spent all weekend working (they are tough even with studying). Try a negotiate a better deal, maybe working between semesters although my school has you in the OR those days so check the school your applying to before committing. I would strongly edvise against working. Prior posts will give you more opinions.